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    Hawera manufactures high performance tools for drilling, chiseling and cutting concrete, stone and masonry. Productive stoneworking on the construction site is our top priority. According to the principle of “Power of Productivity”, we develop, produce and sell tools that deliver more performance with less effort; due to faster work progress and better results, longer lifetime.

    Hawera holds a top position in the area of concrete and stone drilling. The range is completed by highly efficient sawing tools that cut building materials, wood, metal and plastic.

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    About Partners & Projects

    Established in 1998, Partners & Projects distributes professional grade tools in Lebanon for construction professionals, hardware dealers, industrial factories and power plants, who demand superior performance and durability for their projects, whether it’s a quick DIY home-project or a multi-million dollar industrial project.

    Chiah, Ein Al Remeneh
    Toufic Nohra str., Fm bld.
    Tel: +961 1 271525
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